Lintaman Adjust Pro Plus


The most adjustable fit cycling shoe available. Conforming to your foot length, width and toe shape every ride!



The Adjust Pro Plus is our most advanced shoe, and is the most adjustable cycling shoe ever made. The Adjust Pro Plus lets you control its length, width, and toe shape, to give you the best fit possible. No other shoe offers such levels of control and comfort, or can match your foot shape as closely.


Adjust Pro Plus

Adjust Pro Plus Carbon Sole 100% Carbon Sole


Length Adjustment
The length of the Adjust Pro Plus is controlled by a patent pending heel that can move in or out of the shoe to match your foot length, then locks in place with a rear dial.

So if you are a size 43.5 and you wear the size 43 Adjust Pro Plus, the heel will push out to fit. Or if you are around size 42.5, the heel could pull inward and again fit your foot.

Heel slip is also not a “thing” anymore with the Pro Plus because once you tighten down the heel, it stays locked to your foot. In most cycling shoes your foot can slide inside during each pedal stroke creating micro lag which add up over time and you lose power. The Pro Plus removes the micro lag and less wasted energy.

You can also massively over tighten the heel to remove micro lag for an attack or sprint finish.

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